Foreign troops attack Barawa, a coastal town in Somalia

One militant fighter was killed in an attack on Somali coastal town of Brawa, a stronghold of al-Shabab. The group said their base was attacked by western troops who came with speedboats before Dawn. Witnesses said they could hear heavy gunfire and an explosion.

The coastal town raid comes at exactly two weeks after a shopping Mall attack in Kenya where 67 people were killed. Al-Shabab claimed responsibility of that attack.

However, it is not clear if there is a direct linkage between the two incidents, and there is not claim of responsibility.

According to Reuters, British and Turkish special forces had raided Brawa killing a fighter and added the attackers themselves lost a British officer.

British and Turkish sources separately denied any involvement.

Somali government spokesman told us they could not comment as they are still gathering information. Barawa town had been the stronghold of al-Shabab for many years. It is the second foreign attack around Barawa town since 2009.

In September that year, US Navy Commandos helicopters killed a Kenyan–born al-Qaeda commander Saleh Ali Nabhan. At the time he was one of three most wanted individuals said to be in Somalia and working with al-Shabab. The group’s spokesman Abdi-Aziz Abu-Mus’ab said the attackers achieved nothing but suffered casualties.

According to witnesses, this morning’s attack, which occurred around 2am, targeted a house that was not far from the beach frequented by armed militias from the al-Qaeda linked group.

French troops were also known to have been involved in attacks inside Somalia like the one in January this year. Two French commandos were killed in a failed mission to rescue an agent held in Bulo Marer town in Somalia.


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